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(Message from Coach Shawn): “Sometimes opportunities fall into your lap that you cannot refuse! With that said, we have been offered 10 acres of pristine Hill Country family property (and a home), about 25 miles outside of Austin in the sweet town of Dripping Springs, TX. Jessi and I have had a long standing dream of owning property and running a sustainable and eco-conscious retreat, inspired by a similar model on Orcas Island which we have visited for years. The opportunity came a-knockin’, and we have decided to grab hold and build out this dream:
The West Coast has treated us well, but we have been away from our extended family, and find ourselves and our boys needing that closeness and connection more and more. It will be a work in progress, so feel free to follow along as we make this dream a reality!”

We will truly miss Shawn and are so happy for this amazing opportunity for him and his family! We are actively looking for the next Team Athena Coach and will be hiring a new coach soon. Shawn is functioning as the Team Coach and is still writing the team workouts until we fill the spot.


Team Athena Board of Directors

Coach Shawn Bostad

Shawn’s Coaching Philosophy: “I take a holistic approach towards
coaching and training to ensure all my clients reach the starting line
injury-free, mentally prepared and physically-tuned to compete at
their optimal level. I understand each individual has unique goals
which require unique program development. With that in mind, I
prioritize individual evaluation and regular coach/client
communication.  This level of communication ensures that no stone is
left unturned, and no corners are cut.  Equally important, is balance
in life. We can allow the body to develop naturally according to its
own physiological clock and each clients personal goals.  I place
emphasis on specificity, “pre-hab”, and strength to make resilient
athletes.  I will work you harder than you ever thought possible, but
you’ll be ready.  My job is to help you develop the confidence to know
that you’ll be able to tackle any workout, race or speed bump life has
in store.”


Bachelors Degree – University of Wisconsin Stevens Point – Foreign Languages
Trigger Point Technologies Institute Certified Instructor
National Academy of Sports Medicine Certified Personal Trainer
National Academy of Sports Medicine Performance Enhancement Specialist
National Academy of Sports Medicine Kinetic Chain Dysfunction Certification
FMS Level 1 Certified
CPR and AED Certified

Athletic Experience

18 years of competitive running, cycling, and swimming experience
6 years of competitive track and field experience
Category 3 Road Cyclist
Numerous Top 10 Finishes in regional and national triathlons
14 years of competitive soccer
4 years of elite-level ultra marathon racing

Professional Experience

Professional Coach since 1999
Professional Swim Instructor since 1999
Director and founder of Pure Austin Coaching 2009-2013
Cofounder of Lactic Edge – UWSP Triathlon Club
Cofounder of Trail Factor Running Group, Portland OR
Fitness Specialist since 2004

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