Team Practices:

Track: Team Athena has weekly track workouts on Tuesday nights. We meet promptly at 5:45pm at Lincoln High School track in Southwest Portland. The address to Lincoln HS Track 1600 SW Salmon Street, Portland, OR. You're welcome to drop in and check us out for up to three times before deciding if you want to become a member of Team Athena.

*Other: Weekday runs and Saturday/ Sunday morning long runs will be posted to the Facebook page. Weekend long runs are also posted on our TA Members facebook page. 

Track Etiquette:

  • Never step on to the track without looking in both directions and yielding the right of way to the runners on the track.
  • Never stand still on the track and/ or near the finish line.
  • No walking or jogging in Lane 1 or Lane 2. This is the fast lane or passing lane. Walking or jogging will be done in the outer lanes.
  • Never run more than two abreast. This makes it harder to pass you and your group. You also end up running further if you are on the outside.
  • If someone yells ”TRACK!”, move. You are not following the first four rules.
  • Intervals are run in a counter clockwise direction and in the inner lanes. 
  • All walking or jogging is done in a clockwise direction and in lanes 6, 7, and 8. 
  • Pass slower runners on the right when running on the inner lanes.
  • Pass slower runners on the left when running in lanes 3 or 4.
  • When being passed, hold your position. If you move suddenly to the right or the left, someone may get hurt.
  • When finishing, always be aware of other runners still running on the track; don’t just stop.
  • When starting, always be aware of other runners finishing or continuing for another lap.
  • In general, offer everyone the courtesy and respect you would expect them to give to you.

Lincoln High School Track Portland, OR